Best Fish Tanks of 2016

Love your fish? Show them with a new fish tank!

We all love to come home to the perfect little pad, put our feet up and relax in the comfort of our own home. We look around at our perfect little slice of paradise as we get comfort from our familiar surroundings. We love the open space and the colour scheme and all our playful decorations or ornaments.

Here’s the thing…Our pets do too! So why not make sure they have the perfect home to relax in. After all, it’s all our little friendly fish have, so why not make it special for them. There are a million and one options out there when it comes to the perfect fish tank for your beloved fish. Heck you can even pick up one from the local pet store that looks the same as all the other generic tanks around. But you have to think, would you want to live in a bland shoe box for a home? I already know the answer to that!

So here are a few incredible recommendations for selecting the best fist tank on the market.

#1 The sink bowl ~ This one might take a little extra effort to install and clean for that matter. But how much fun would be to send your friends to the bathroom and they get this as a surprise. This one is super cool but only for the more adventurous fish lovers with a price tag of $4,500.00

#2 This one comes in a variety of colour to match your home color scheme. The kids will love it. At $599 this would be a great investment and definitely a fish tank you will keep for life

#3 A budget friendly options found on Amazon, this quirky wall mounted fish tank is the perfect inexpensive options to suit your home. Let you fish get some sunlight as the mirror reflected glass lets in a lot of extra light.

For only $12.98 this one could be yours.

#4 This Column Aquarium Fish Tank is Stainless Steel and will likely take up an entire section of your home. What is would be a very unique addition. Who wants a boring old square fish tank anymore?!

Get this for $649

#5 This stylish option has a clean design perfect for your fish and for your home. This will blend in well with your furniture and also give your fish a cool swimming atmosphere with it’s fountain effect.


#6 The office desk fish tank ~ This would definitely be a conversation started the office. They say that fish have a certain calming effect so you many find this could increase productivity also. Maybe worth a try!

This is one of my favourites, as I do love to make use of old things around the house. So if you have any old tv’s, telephone boxes you could make this one a diy project. For instructions on how to make it use the link. Not more watching the footie for you!

Checkout Pet Territory for more options!